Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ok muthaflippah's -- it's been a bit. Ol' Sherrif Joe had me on a "field project" over at tent city. But I'm out now, off the down-low, and ready to get back to work. Think Bootstrapper'll take me back now?

Anywho, check this shiz out. Some hoighty-toighty SAA-grad-school-stats-type made this here yootube video about shovelbum wages in the US of A. Watch it here:

Bottom line is US average pay for a field tech is $12.87/hour and $16.42 for a crew chief.

For the tech, that's less pay than teaching or social work. For the crew chieves, thas only slightly more at $32k/year

And, once again, AfuckingZ is towing the line. $12 for the tech. $15.50 for the CC. Other gran chichimeca states (that's the southwest bozos) pay at least a buck, if not three, above that.

Of course, this is only based on advertised pay rates...our friend(not) over at Wajinda or Vajinda or whatever his company name is pays a $hitload more. Then there's my boy Tommy who doesn't advertise.


        I hear Starbuck's is hiring at .... gulp .... $18/hr with BENNIES.

See ya dudes. Time to barrista the new trenta. peas-out.


  1. I actually don't have a membership to the SAA but I get where you were going with that. Fair enough on all accounts though. FYI I do prefer the term stuck up/asshole to hoighty-toighty, in case you have future rants about my work.

  2. noted for future reference. peas out