Monday, November 1, 2010

Wow! $80 per diem! The recession must be over!

I just got this Ad to day from shovelbums:

"PaleoWest Archaeology is seeking to fill an immediate position for Field Technicians for a 3-4-week survey project, leaving from Phoenix at 7:00 am tomorrow morning (November 2).  Per diem is generous, about $80/day cash after lodging is paid out. Requires weekends away, with weekend lodging paid, but no additional per diem on non-work days."

Whoa. Whoa. Wait, $80 per day (sounds nice). How much is lodging? I wonder...lets say this here's a project way up yonder in the north country -- too cold to camp now -- and the nearest motel is $60/night. Single occupancy (lets say I'm the only woman) and I get $20 per diem....

And, why would I have to lodge on days off? Oh, I see, you wont pay for anything more than one trip there, on trip back, right? I have to fend for myself on the weekend. 

So, that's $80 x 5 work days = $400. Minus lodging for 7 days (right? lets assume dbl occupancy at $30/day each) = $210. Thats $190 per diem for 7 days, or $27 per day.

$27 per diem per day is not generous.


  1. Worked on that project. The per diem was after hotel costs (double occupancy), so we did actually get $79 cash per day on weekdays. Weekends, no per diem, but our hotel rooms were paid for.

  2. hey - i worked on that project too but they made me pay for my hotel room out of pocket! bull$hit!

  3. I got $8 an hour and a $35 camping perdiem