Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How much can you survey an acre of land for????

Ok Boys and Girls, about this time last year a bunch of Southwest Archaeology firms submitted proposals for an Indefinite Quality/Indefinite Quantity contract for Arch surveys throughout the Forest Service Region 3 -- AZ, NM, and a bunch of little schnippets of OK and TX. The 5 awards -- public info -- went to for the lowest prices:

PaleoWest: $19.33/acre
Northland Research: $26/acre
Envirosystems Research: $17.80/acre
4-Corners: $21.22/acre
and Dykeman-Roebuck: $23/acre

Can YOU survey anything for $17.80/acre? If so, do you get paid a living wage, travel time, per diem, lodging? Leave a comment...

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  1. the president of the New Mexico Archaeological Council barely on the high side of lowballers (Dykeman outfit)