Monday, August 23, 2010

Here at PaleoWage, the Great Recession is over. In fact, PaleoWage never even noticed, and is in the midst of its fourth consecutive year of strong growth since launching in 2006. In fact, our government contracting sector alone—once a minor part of our business—is threatening to exceed our entire revenues from last year.

It’s a testament to slave labor, low wages, "best value" philosophy, and a commission-based outside of the box business model that pushes coporate losses off onto the PaleoWage Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that absorbes our losses and keeps balance sheets in the black. Our tagline remains our mission: Technically Acceptable. Lowest Cost. Bringing CRM back to the Stone Age. Stay tuned on this blog for more on our growth, shrinkage, travails, and candid approach to the cultural-resource management business.

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